The same few roads

and they simply don’t get boring. That color of whatever-is-growing-there is probably my favourite color of the year (should I make this a thing? Color of the year?) I can’t stop looking at it and feeling so calm and peaceful.
That old tree also doesn’t stop to amaze me.

und sie werden einfach nicht langweilig. Diese Farbe von was-auch-immer-da-wächst ist glaube ich meine diesjährige Lieblingsfarbe (Soll ich das einführen? Farbe des Jahres?) Ich kann nicht aufhören, dieses Feld anzuschauen und mich so entspannt und friedvoll zu fühlen.
Der alte Baum ist auch so etwas, wo ich mich immer freue, wenn ich vorbeilaufe.

Like walking through a painting

The furthest I can get in fifteen minutes without missing my second train to work. As a kid & teen I used to hate this train station because it’s almost in the middle of nowhere and never got the idea I don’t have to stand around there to wait. Once, a very freezing cold winter in the early 2000s my Nokia 3310 (remember this indestructible phone?) got so cold, It took a few hours of warming up to start working again.

And who would have thought, that these short walks before work would become like a little ritual that keeps me so much more sane and happy this year.