I got a new pillow

It took me a while to realize what was keeping me from having a good night’s rest. Feeling stiff and like I never slept enough hours plus a clogged nose and crusty eyes in the morning, I thought it might be the dust under my bed or my old mattress which still feels good apart from being over ten years old.

Then I realized, maybe my (also super old) down pillow just got a bit old & nasty and no washing (in a pillowcase with a zipper and then let it air dry over a few days always turning and fluffing it up again) helps it anymore and the feathers flatten instantly.
After procrastinating that new purchase for another while because I expected a proper pillow to be a little splurge, I decided to just take a look at my local bedding store on my way home after work – and found a simple entry level memory foam neck pillow for ten Euros (according to the guy in the store it was a special offer).
The first night it felt amazing at first, then a bit umcomfortable because it’s so stiff & firm but compared to a completely flat 10+ year old down pillow the support it offered was heavenly.
(Note from present me since I started the draft of this post yesterday: I now slept the second night on that pillow and it was even better)

Being a side sleeper isn’t easy, but if you make it work, it’s amazing.

In addition to that I rearranged my bedroom with the help of my dear mom and looking forward to spend wonderful autumn & winter days with books, tea & art in that corner – and get some quality sleep, of course. Another longterm project will now be turning this metal shelf into a green wall – and look at that glorious 2,50 paper lampshade I found yesterday!

Would you like some updates on the progress of this room?

Switching off the Sunday Alarm

I’ve been pretty hard on myself the past few years. Always pushing forward and practicing self-discipline.

It makes me feel happy, balanced and like I’m not wasting the time I’ve got here on this wonderful miracle we call our planet – there’s just one downside: there’s no time to recharge. It leaves me tired and in a state of constant light burnout

So, last sunday I decided to start a small compromise and not get up at 5am (or earlier) once a week. Let’s call it a self-discipline cheat day :-)