Sunday morning in the fields

Oh how I love my rural-small-town life. I might have better job chances in a bigger city but when it comes to choosing between career and true happiness, I’ll always choose true happiness, the little things and a quiet, peaceful environment.

Good Morning, big horse and little horse!
Good Morning, little squirrel
between the villages

The best things in life are always free, but it takes some practice to appreciate them.

Switching off the Sunday Alarm

I’ve been pretty hard on myself the past few years. Always pushing forward and practicing self-discipline.

It makes me feel happy, balanced and like I’m not wasting the time I’ve got here on this wonderful miracle we call our planet – there’s just one downside: there’s no time to recharge. It leaves me tired and in a state of constant light burnout

So, last sunday I decided to start a small compromise and not get up at 5am (or earlier) once a week. Let’s call it a self-discipline cheat day :-)

I messed up this time

Went out to capture the beauty of my hometown’s historic alleys – and forgot the tripod, was too lazy to go back home and get it, told myself ahh there are street lamps, I can do this without a tripod. Well, I messed up the focus and holding the camera more steady but I still love the shots and want to share them with you because that’s what practice is for, isn’t it? To mess up and learn from it.

Also, I realized once again, I don’t have any problem being alone in the forest but passing three drunk teenagers on a sunday morning in the streets makes me freaking nervous.




but look at that bokehlicious focus accident and the glory of orion ♥